Robert D. Rupert

Department of Philosophy
University of Colorado, Boulder

Tobias Schlicht

Institute of Philosophy II
Ruhr-University Bochum

Firuze Mullaoglu

We would like to thank Firuze for her reliable assistance and support!

Teaser Video

Here's a little video teaser for the workshop.


Here's a flyer for downloading info about scheduling.

Campus Map

Here's a campus map that shows you where to go. All talks will be held in Hale Sciences, Room 230 on the University of Colorado, Boulder Campus.


This workshop is also  possible only through generous funding from the Volkswagen Foundation and the following institutions at the University of Colorado, Boulder: 
- CU-Boulder’s Morris Colloquium Fund

- CU-Boulder’s Committee in History & Philosophy of Science

- CU-Boulder’s Arts and Sciences Fund for Excellence

- CU-Boulder’s Institute of Cognitive Science

We would like to thank them for their support!